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The programs under Precious Wellness are carefully designed to help you take control of your overall health and wellness. You’ll not only learn and restore your body, but you’ll also feel much better about yourself.


Coaching Programs

The Success BluePrint

This is an online group SUCCESS coaching program that gives you the support you need to make game changing progress towards your goals.

It is for you if you’re bold enough to want set AMBITIOUS goals and take action towards those goals to make successful strides in life.

Forever 21 Program

Are you tired of feeling stuck and trying out weight loss programs that don’t work for you? Being in charge of your wellness is possible. And it’s much easier than you think…when you have the right tools and proper accountability. Forever 21 will show you how to take and maintain control once and for all!

Are you struggling with sugar cravings? Are you a sweet tooth?

If yes, grab some headphones, a cup of tea, a notebook, and join me in this FREE MASTERCLASS as I let you in on the secrets to curb your sugar cravings.

Here are some favourite blog posts

3 Powerful Health Benefits of Onions

Onions contain sulfur compounds that provide many health benefits, including lowering blood sugar. 2. Consuming onion juice cures fever, cold and coughs immediately. 3. Regular consumption of onion juice also helps cure acne and other skin infections. Here’s a Powerful “Onion Dawa” Drink that you might want to try out. You will need:*2 Onions*3 Fresh…

4 Reasons Why Vegetable Oils are BAD for Your Health

This is The Truth: Vegetable Oils Are BAD For Your Health I keep talking about this… and I know many of you may not believe it, because we’ve been using vegetable oils for so many years. You can drastically improve your health and weight by eliminating vegetable oils from your cooking. What are vegetable oils?…

How to Overcome Emotional Eating

4 Signs You are an Emotional Eater I have yo-yo dieted for most of my adulthood! Every diet was the same thing: * The first two days went great; * The third day I got really hangry (hungry + angry) ; * By the fourth day I’d be on seated in my room with a…


Join my community and get FREE and resources that help improve and maintain your health and wellness. Starting with this eBook on some food myths you need to unlearn…

Get Healthy Recipes That Are Tasty Too

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be tasteless. I love cooking and share my recipes and kitchen hacks here and on social media. There is never been a better time to eat well and as naturally as possible.

  • Delicious
  • Easy to make
  • Sustainable
  • Seasonal
  • Free access

Happy Clients Say

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Success Blueprint changed my outlook on life

Cheryl Itemere

Co- founder, Dapper Monkey| Chevening and LSE Scholar

Participant of Your Wellness is Precious Program by Precious Wellness.

Watch her testimonial as she talks about how the program changed her life

“I love my new body!”

“I was struggling with weight gain and inconsistency in my diet. I reached out to Liz at Precious Wellness and she taught me the tricks on how to stay consistent. I love my new body and I love Precious Wellness!”

Sabina Ngugi

Precious Wellness

Success and wellness coaching programs with Liz Okomba, a certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach

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