Take control of your fears

Copy of Your Wellness is Precious

How are you spending your days? Are you watching too much news?
Quarantine and Chilling the whole day and eating all your stash?

It is ok to be worried and to indulge once in a while…. A lot is still uncertain.
One thing is for sure, this too shall pass. Do not get stuck in the moment worrying and losing control. There is life after this difficult wave.

Create your own reality now as there are many things you can CONTROL.

Now is the chance you have to come out of this stronger, healthier and feeling good about yourself. It is time to control your fears and have a support system that provides accountability.

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Published by Precious Wellness

I have been overweight and struggled through the journey of losing it and I won the battle.  I am still fighting to maintain the mantle. I help busy professional women achieve their wellness goals through my customised coaching programs.  Purpose, Execution and Consistency are my mantras. I am a mum and a corporate executive who understands the challenges in life that block us from reaching our full potential and I understand what needs to be done to help you.

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