Productivity Tips for Perfectionists

Accepting that Done is Better than Perfect!

As we celebrated International Women’s Day earlier this year, I kept reflecting on how perfectionism holds women back.

One day, I had a boss who told me that not everyone is like me, and I should stop holding other people to my perfectionist standards.

That comment stopped me in my tracks. It forced me to take a step back and reflect on how I’ve been working, the effect it was having on my productivity and what it was doing to my team.

I noticed 3 things:

🚫 I kept suffering from burnout, because I kept trying to do everything.

🚫 I was micromanaging my team to ensure any and all projects that went through our department were perfect.

🚫 I was a superholic… I was trying to do everything excellently at the same time!

Perfectionism means that you’re basically unable to settle for anything less than perfect from one’s perspective.

It’s a mindset where there’s really no room for mistakes. Perfectionists are constantly “striving for flawlessness”.

If you are a Perfectionist, then you are likely to be your own worst enemy. You need to keep in mind that you have the ability to out-perform others around you, because you generally perform at a higher level than most people.

How Do You Know if You Are a Perfectionist?

🔁 You strive for impeccability;

🔁 You set excessively high-performance standards for yourself and for others;

🔁 You over criticize yourself in evaluations;

🔁 You are concerned about others’ evaluations of you.

So ladies, in order to get over your perfectionist behavior, DO…

.✅ Create more realistic personal goals and expectations.

✅ Challenge your inner critic and remove negative thoughts.

✅ Practice not holding others to your super-holic standards.

This week, choose to challenge your perfectionist tendencies: Choose progress over perfection.

Are you holding back your SUCCESS by being a perfectionist?

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I help women achieve WIN their goals by showing them how to maximize their energy through my customized coaching programs.  Purpose, Execution and Consistency are my mantras. I am a mum to a special needs son and a corporate leader who understands the challenges in life that block us from reaching our full potential and I understand what needs to be done to help you.

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