April is Autism Awareness Month


Happy new month! 💖 💖

April is a special month for me because it is Autism Awareness month.

My son, Jabari, is 12 years and it is now 9 years since he got his autism diagnosis.

Our world almost collapsed. We had to quickly pick ourselves up and start the long journey of managing this disorder.

Autism is a nightmare.
I hate it and keep wondering what if….

People with autism have trouble with communication.

They have trouble understanding what other people think and feel. This makes it hard for them to express themselves, either with words or through gestures, facial expressions, and touch.

For Jabari, he also has problems with learning.
* His skills develop unevenly.
* He is non-verbal.

Common Symptoms of Autism Include:

⏯ A narrow range of interests or intense interest in certain topics- Jabz only watches the same videos over and over again.

⏯ Doing something over and over, like repeating words or phrases, rocking back and forth, or flipping a lever.

⏯ High sensitivity to sounds, touches, smells, or sights that seem ordinary to other people.

⏯ Not looking at or listening to other people and not looking at things when another person points at them

⏯ Talking in a sing-song, flat, or robotic voice.

⏯ Trouble adapting to changes in routine.

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for autism.

But early intervention can make a big difference in development for a child with autism.

*️⃣ *️⃣ For Jabari, he goes to a special school and we focus on him having a clean diet, away from processed foods and sugars.


Do you know anyone with Autism?

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