Forever21 Weight Loss Program Now Open

Are you tried of gaining and losing those same 5-12 kilos? Are you ready to break free from the endless cycle of dieting? Are you struggling to get rid of quarantine weight? I am here to help to you. The latest Forever 21 nutrition based weight loss program started off on 12th April 2021. ButContinue reading “Forever21 Weight Loss Program Now Open”

Forever 21: Getting My Sexy Back!

I took my ‘Before’ photo (Left) on 4th January, the day I started my 75 Hard consistency and mindset challenge. I also weighed myself and found that I had added 13 kilos from God knows where. It just seems like they piled on the kilos over night. I went from being Fat-to-Fit-to-FAT AGAIN!! How didContinue reading “Forever 21: Getting My Sexy Back!”

Intermittent Fasting – Highlights & Benefits (Video)

This is just a quickie video on IF, since it’s been trending so much lately. Have you tried IF? Did it work? Let me know in the comments, please. And while we’re on IF and weight loss, here are a couple other posts you might also enjoy. Keto Diet: Over-rated or Misunderstood? Do Vegans ReallyContinue reading “Intermittent Fasting – Highlights & Benefits (Video)”

How To Increase your Productivity [Part 5: The “Hero Mode” Secret]

Tell me something… Does this describe your day? You wake up and get ready for work. You’re in traffic for 1 and a half hours. You get to work and it’s time for your first meeting. You then deal with ‘fires’ all through the day. You have to attend to your emails. Oooops!!! It’s lunchtimeContinue reading “How To Increase your Productivity [Part 5: The “Hero Mode” Secret]”

How To Increase your Productivity [Part 4: Get Enough Quality Sleep]

This weekend (February 15th, 2021), I had the priviledge of being a guest speaker to a group of powerful ladies called the Supa Mamas. As I took them through the ropes of protecting their energy, I realised that many of us are not sleeping enough and are disrupting our circadian rhythms. What is the CircadianContinue reading “How To Increase your Productivity [Part 4: Get Enough Quality Sleep]”

How To Increase your Productivity [Part 3: Energy Drainers in Your Life]

Have you ever patted yourself on the back for being great at multitasking? If yes, then this is for you….. Sometimes, YOU are your own worst enemy. It may come as a surprise to realize that some of your habits are actually sabotaging your productivity, and leaving you more drained and less productive. You see,Continue reading “How To Increase your Productivity [Part 3: Energy Drainers in Your Life]”