Intermittent Fasting – Highlights & Benefits (Video)

This is just a quickie video on IF, since it’s been trending so much lately. Have you tried IF? Did it work? Let me know in the comments, please. And while we’re on IF and weight loss, here are a couple other posts you might also enjoy. Keto Diet: Over-rated or Misunderstood? Do Vegans ReallyContinue reading “Intermittent Fasting – Highlights & Benefits (Video)”

The New Killer in Town… Visceral Fat

We have a new killer in town… VISCERAL FAT! Visceral fat is a type of body fat that’s stored within the abdominal cavity. It tends to accumulate near several vital organs, including your: Liver Stomach Intestines It can also build up in the arteries. Visceral fat is sometimes referred to as “active fat” because carryingContinue reading “The New Killer in Town… Visceral Fat”

3 Things Your BMI DOES NOT Reveal About Your Health

Each year, my colleagues and I get a health and wellness check at work, so that every team member has an idea how well they’re doing health-wise. I find it a little hilarious how guys get depressed after being told that they’re overweight or worse still…obese, based on their BMI calculations. I remember one year,Continue reading “3 Things Your BMI DOES NOT Reveal About Your Health”

Weight Loss Information Overload

Join me and Bidanya Barassa as we talk about how to navigate information overload on nutrition and weight loss. There is so much information out there and it can get overwhelming and set us up for failure! This is part of my Wisdom Wednesday series that I hold every Wednesday on Instagram. Follow me onContinue reading “Weight Loss Information Overload”