Forever 21: Getting My Sexy Back!

I took my ‘Before’ photo (Left) on 4th January, the day I started my 75 Hard consistency and mindset challenge.

I also weighed myself and found that I had added 13 kilos from God knows where. It just seems like they piled on the kilos over night.

I went from being Fat-to-Fit-to-FAT AGAIN!!

How did this happen?
Well, life happened! The hard knocks of life came my way and left some scars… and some kilos!
Keep reading.

2020 was a draining year for me and everyone else…

💔 I was COVID patient 001 in February of 2020.

I did not know it at the time, but as I keep reading and seeing what is happening I am sure that was it. I was in and out of hospital and admitted twice.

I did not go to work for a month. This is where my initial weight gain started.
I was inflamed due to several rounds of antibiotics and everyone was on my case about eating more to keep my strength up.

💔 Working from home took a toll. I just didn’t know it at the time.

Working from home made me the chief inspector of the fridge and I found a new love in food ordering apps.
This was my biggest downfall… STRESS PLUS OVEREATING JUNK!

💔 My husband underwent a life changing medical procedure.
It was just too much!

💔 I had to move my son to his grandparents place.

It was a really tough decision to make. I was struggling to work from home with him there and he needed some space to play. He was also very tired of being cooped up in the house all day….

You guys know my son is my world, so I really struggled with this additional STRESS 😣😣

As you can imagine, I kept 2nd-guessing my self on having to send my son away. There were many nights I would feel like I was a bad mom. It wasn’t easy.

I kept up with my exercise regime by going to Arboretum forest for a daily workout. I was able to resume gym workouts in July, which felt amazing.
As much as this helped, my nutrition went down the drain and the kilos crept in. 😩 😩

First, it was 2 kilos, then 5, then…. TOO LATE! 😢
My body is very unforgiving and I add weight by just smelling food.

My journey back to fit has been quite difficult as I am flooded by the guilt of how I let myself get back to a place I said I would never be in again.

75 Days later from January 4th, I have completed my Forever 21 nutrition based weight loss program with an amazing group of ladies. That, together with the exercise routine my trainer @o_maurice has put me on has helped and I have made significant progress.

I keep preaching consistency…

My ‘After’ photo (Right) is what 75 days of consistency can do.

I did not aim for perfection just PROGRESS.

Here we are 8Kgs down: Eating according to my meal plan 90% of the time and moving my body.

My Forever 21 nutrition based weight loss program works and my clients are seeing the same results.

Join me and let’s do another 75 days together. 😃

Check out my video below on “The Deadly Combination” and make sure you follow me on Instagram, where I share snippets of wisdom on healthy lifestyles.

Much love to you, my friends. 😃

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