Is Fear Holding You Back From Living Your Best Life?

So my gym-mate is the founder of Mountain Slayers Kenya that organizes hikes worldwide.

She has been inviting me to join them in one of the hikes they regularly organize, and I kept telling her I will join when it’s an “Easy Hike”👀

Well the time came when a hike to Kijabe was coming up, and it was advertised as easy.

This time, I had no excuse and I had to keep my promise. 🙆🏽‍♀️ 🙆🏽‍♀️

All through the week, I kept asking my gym-mate if the hike was really as easy as they implied. I also wanted to know if I I needed specialized hiking gear.

My friend assured me that it was an easy stroll. In fact, she said it was easier than the workouts we do at the gym.😌😌

I took her word for it, and just did basic hike prep – no tech gear, no high-grip boots, just extra socks, extra water and some granola bars and fingerless gloves.

Saturday came and we assembled at 7am at the pick-up point, and off we went to Kijabe.

The first thing I noticed in the car was that everyone had serious hiking gear and boots.

There I was with my humble running sneakers. 😰 😰 😰

My heart rate picked up a bit with nervousness when I saw the gear of my fellow hikers.

So we get to our destination in Kijabe, a beautiful lush green site, and set off! We had barely done 15 minutes through the bush, when lo and behold! we get to a river route.

Shock on me… that was our trail. 😖 🥺 😩

This ended up being a technical hike. 🥺😖☹️

Some of the crossing points required me to be on all fours, others had me praying that God would forgive my foolishness and keep me alive, so that my people back home could see me again!

At some point along the way, I asked myself,

“Liz, how the H*** did you get here? And more importantly, How the H*** do I come out of this alive?!!!”

Eventually, I reached the summit, and took in the amazing views of nature around me, before starting on the route back.

As they say, what goes up must come down… Coming downhill was pure hell!!!

My shoes had poor grip and the trail was super steep.🧗🏾‍♀️ 🧗🏾‍♀️

My saving grace was my fellow hikers: They kept cheering me on, guiding me and holding me when things got rough.

One thing they kept telling me that made me change my mindset, was that FEAR IS HOLDING ME BACK.

  • Fear of heights,
  • Fear of falling and
  • Fear of the unknown

Those 3 fears kept bringing serious doubts in my ability to complete that hike.

One of my hiking mates told me not to look at the whole trail or what was ahead of me and just move by putting one foot in front of the other.

He told me that I should just concentrate on one step at a time and ensure my foot is firmly on the ground with every step. 👣 👣

Guess what….. I finished and I even managed to take a picture at a place where I would not even attempt to do it…..heights…💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

So this season, I want to encourage anyone who’s facing something new, or something daunting in your life.

  1. Face your fears!
  2. Just start!
  3. Many times, our fears disappear after we take the first bold step.
  4. Here’s the Formula:
    Put one foot in front of the other,
    make sure it’s firmly on the ground,

I encourage you to #choosetochallenge….

Let no one tell you you cannot achieve something because of your gender or any other stereotypes.

Thank you @mountainslayerske for the experience.

Let me now buy hiking 🥾 boots! 😊

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