Harriet Oyombe- Gender Based Violence (GBV) program coordinator- International Medical Corps

Harriet Omina Oyombe 
Gender Based Violence (GBV) program coordinator-International Medical Corps-Iraq 
Harriet works with vulnerable communities that have been disrupted by conflict. She leads the GBV program that primarily targets women and girls through adolescent girls activities and women empowerment as a response to GBV. Harriet gives us her experience with the Forever 21 program by Precious Wellness

I have in the past tried several health lifestyle programs which I ended up quitting. This has happened more times than I can remember. I usually get disengaged or fail to see results and end up throwing in the towel. Most of the programs require a lot of my time which I just do not have. I usually get impatient with the coach.

The Forever 21 program by Precious Wellness is different and exciting. The coach shows empathy and cares. In the sessions, there an open leeway to chat and ask questions. For me, the best decision I made was to join this program. I have been in the program for close to three months and I am still excited, learning new things and most importantly am taking charge and control of my life.
The results are amazing- I am eating healthier and I have lost some inches around my body. The best part is that I am happier! Food is no longer boring- it’s actually extremely tasty-, my metabolism is high, my night trips to the loo are less, more constant periods (I have been diagnosed with PCOS), more stamina, and energy

With Precious Wellness you receive a customized eating guide plan based on your meal preferences and it works.
My coach is always helpful, encouraging and very patient- this my favorite attribute about her!. I have fallen off the wagon more times than I can count, but she is always encourages me to continue with the journey while constantly checking up on me. She sincerely wants me to succeed.
If you are like me and have failed more often than not you owe it to yourself to give Precious Wellness a try.

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