Kirigo Ng’arua- Communications Expert

Kirigo Ng’arua
is a Communications expert with interests in fields of diplomacy and sustainable development. She is also a Certified Professional Mediator
Catch her on @kirigongarua on Instagram and Twitter and on her other page @thegirlfriendstable on Instagram. She talks about the experience she had by going through Your Wellness is Precious Program.

“Before I signed up for Your Wellness is Precious program I was going through a period of uncertainty which was crowded with a lot of self-doubt and lack of self-discipline.

What made me sign up for the program is the need to create structure in my life. I once had it then “life happened” and I wandered off my path. The feeling of wanting to be heard, felt and helped also played a part in me joining your program. I had been looking for a coach actually and once you said you were doing it, I felt it was only right, Then the fact that I also admire you and your work ethic. I knew it was going to be a good one!

The first impression of Liz is that I felt she is too “strict” and “disciplined” and as much as I admired her work ethic, I wasn’t too sure if we could be compatible when it came to dealing with intense personal matters/insecurities. To my surprise, the results I have achieved since we started working together are unimaginable.  I have learnt so much its unbelievable! For example, the value of discipline and consistency. I have also learnt the importance of daily affirmations, the need to move to my zone of genius to ensure I live my life with a purpose. But most importantly, the value of being self-aware. I have always been self aware but I now know what works and doesn’t in ensuring I meet certain targets or create certain systems for my life as well as being firm and ok with my life’s decisions that others might not appreciate

The best thing about working with Liz is the fact that she is well versed on what she is doing and that was impressive to me. I also appreciated her understanding of different scenarios presented to her and that she understood my struggles.  When working with Liz you need to understand that you are working with a go getter and no nonsense person.  She does not have time for “slackers” neither does she “baby people” so one needs to be dedicated to the program to see and honestly feel the results.

I have highly recommended Your Wellness is Precious program to my girlfriends but I have also learnt that one needs to be ready to invest in themselves in order to grow and be different.

Liz, you are amazing! I am so glad I took part in this. You have opened my eyes and mind to limitless possibilities and I am sure you will continue to expose me to a whole new world that I am yet to unlock- something that I am so excited for! I want to believe I have a friend in you and my fellow cohort members. Moving forward, I know I can always reach out to you when I feel like I am struggling to realize my full potential.”

Published by Precious Wellness

I help women achieve WIN their goals by showing them how to maximize their energy through my customized coaching programs.  Purpose, Execution and Consistency are my mantras. I am a mum to a special needs son and a corporate leader who understands the challenges in life that block us from reaching our full potential and I understand what needs to be done to help you.