#1 Joy Namasaka- Seasoned Banker

When I saw Your Wellness Precious coaching adverts I was extremely skeptical as I thought it would be one of those cliché online coaching programs but my gut and curiosity urged me to sign up.

I’m so glad I did!

The program has brought so much clarity, direction and focus in my life. It has truly transformed several aspects of how I do things and the lessons learnt will be used for a lifetime.  Before joining Your Wellness is Precious Program, life was just happening…no plans no drive.  Now, I am building solid habits.

What I loved most is that the sessions were authentic, eye opening and fun.

The best thing about working with Liz is she is authentic, an experienced coach who knows her content well.  She is also is highly organized and professional.

I would definitely recommend Your Wellness is Precious program to my friends, colleagues and family.  Actually the 8 weeks were too short!

Please join Your Wellness is Precious program…..It will transform their Life! 

#2 Kirigo Ng’arua- Communications Expert

Kirigo Ng’arua is a Communications expert with interests in fields of diplomacy and sustainable development. She is also a Certified Professional Mediator.

Catch her on @kirigongarua on Instagram and Twitter and on her other page @thegirlfriendstable on Instagram. She talks about the experience she had by going through Your Wellness is Precious Program.

“Before I signed up for Your Wellness is Precious program I was going through a period of uncertainty which was crowded with a lot of self-doubt and lack of self-discipline.

What made me sign up for the program is the need to create structure in my life. I once had it then “life happened” and I wandered off my path. The feeling of wanting to be heard, felt and helped also played a part in me joining your program. I had been looking for a coach actually and once you said you were doing it, I felt it was only right, Then the fact that I also admire you and your work ethic. I knew it was going to be a good one!

The first impression of Liz is that I felt she is too “strict” and “disciplined” and as much as I admired her work ethic, I wasn’t too sure if we could be compatible when it came to dealing with intense personal matters/insecurities. To my surprise, the results I have achieved since we started working together are unimaginable.  I have learnt so much its unbelievable! For example, the value of discipline and consistency. I have also learnt the importance of daily affirmations, the need to move to my zone of genius to ensure I live my life with a purpose. But most importantly, the value of being self-aware. I have always been self aware but I now know what works and doesn’t in ensuring I meet certain targets or create certain systems for my life as well as being firm and ok with my life’s decisions that others might not appreciate

The best thing about working with Liz is the fact that she is well versed on what she is doing and that was impressive to me. I also appreciated her understanding of different scenarios presented to her and that she understood my struggles.  When working with Liz you need to understand that you are working with a go getter and no nonsense person.  She does not have time for “slackers” neither does she “baby people” so one needs to be dedicated to the program to see and honestly feel the results.

I have highly recommended Your Wellness is Precious program to my girlfriends but I have also learnt that one needs to be ready to invest in themselves in order to grow and be different.

Liz, you are amazing! I am so glad I took part in this. You have opened my eyes and mind to limitless possibilities and I am sure you will continue to expose me to a whole new world that I am yet to unlock- something that I am so excited for! I want to believe I have a friend in you and my fellow cohort members. Moving forward, I know I can always reach out to you when I feel like I am struggling to realize my full potential.”

#3 Harriet Oyombe- Gender Based Violence (GBV) program coordinator- International Medical Corps

Harriet Omina Oyombe, Gender Based Violence (GBV) program coordinator-International Medical Corps-Iraq, Harriet works with vulnerable communities that have been disrupted by conflict. She leads the GBV program that primarily targets women and girls through adolescent girls activities and women empowerment as a response to GBV. Harriet gives us her experience with the Forever 21 program by Precious Wellness

I have in the past tried several health lifestyle programs which I ended up quitting. This has happened more times than I can remember. I usually get disengaged or fail to see results and end up throwing in the towel. Most of the programs require a lot of my time which I just do not have. I usually get impatient with the coach.

The Forever 21 program by Precious Wellness is different and exciting. The coach shows empathy and cares. In the sessions, there an open leeway to chat and ask questions. For me, the best decision I made was to join this program. I have been in the program for close to three months and I am still excited, learning new things and most importantly am taking charge and control of my life.
The results are amazing- I am eating healthier and I have lost some inches around my body. The best part is that I am happier! Food is no longer boring- it’s actually extremely tasty-, my metabolism is high, my night trips to the loo are less, more constant periods (I have been diagnosed with PCOS), more stamina, and energy

With Precious Wellness you receive a customized eating guide plan based on your meal preferences and it works.
My coach is always helpful, encouraging and very patient- this my favorite attribute about her!. I have fallen off the wagon more times than I can count, but she is always encourages me to continue with the journey while constantly checking up on me. She sincerely wants me to succeed.
If you are like me and have failed more often than not you owe it to yourself to give Precious Wellness a try.

#4 Cheryl Itemere- Co-Founder, Dapper Monkey Store

Cheryl Itemere is a fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur and community development champion. She co-founded Dapper Monkey, an e-commerce platform that caters to the urban man promising high quality apparel and accessories. She is also the co-founder of WoKe Women, a passion project and platform where young women in and around her community can learn from one another sharing experiences, lessons learned and much more. Last but not least, she’s an alektorophobic!
She shares how Your Wellness is Precious program has changed her outlook to life

“With the sudden rise of COVID-19 related cases around the world my life was all over the place. The sudden work from home changes confused my entire routine and I just didn’t know how and where to begin. I also had some grand plans for the year, which all of a sudden seemed like they’d never happen. In a nutshell I was confused and lost.

I needed help in taking back control of my life and Liz is a guru at that. I believed that by joining Your Wellness is Precious program coaching sessions they would help me create new fruitful routines and help me get back to my natural planner self. I also really wanted to invest in myself, use this time for personal growth and of course meet new people. I’ve known Liz for a little over four years and her personal growth has been something I really admired; I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

When I heard about the group coaching, my hesitations were centred on engagement especially amongst strangers. Also, the ability to open up and speak candidly without fear of judgement. I must say I was pleasantly surprised! We opened up, we laughed, we cried and most of all we held each other accountable.

I have achieved so much by being part of Your Wellness is Precious program, but in summary, I have a greater understanding of my growth improvement areas and a practical plan to help me achieve those goals. I’ve learned how to create peace in the midst of chaos – a practice I use almost daily. I am more aware of my limiting beliefs and how they hinder my growth. Lastly, I’ve identified bad habits that I’ve deliberately switched with even better habits.

I enjoyed working with Liz because she kept it real from day 1. She used real-life examples and sometimes personal examples to bring the lessons home. She is very passionate about helping us ladies get better at our goals, and she would be very diligent in holding us accountable. Lastly, Liz always kept her word and was well prepared for sessions. Liz keeps time and has an almost zero tolerance for lateness. Also, you value commitment.

I’ve met and gotten to know new people. Thanks to the speaker series, I’m now able to leverage their expertise for my personal and business growth ventures. I also now have lots of tools and materials to keep me grounded as I maneuverer this thing called life!

Would I recommend this program….absolutely!
There’s a lot to unpack in the Your Wellness is Precious program. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and how to channel those for personal growth. Learning from a pool of experienced speakers on how to navigate various topics e.g. Personal finance, the digital space, etc. Being part of a group of exceptional ladies, sharing life experiences and lessons for positive growth. I would recommend this to ladies who truly want to growth themselves for a better tomorrow. If you’re ready to learn and apply the lessons, then this is for you.

Thank you Liz for creating this amazing platform for ladies. The lessons, tools and materials shared are extremely valuable.”

Cheryl Itemere
Co-Founder, Dapper Monkey Store


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