Yes, I am crazy

So today I was going to write about the different diets I have done in the my quest to lose weight but I decided to entertain you with other interesting stuff I have done that did not involve starving myself but involved draining my wallet.

Welcome to my electrotherapy world. What is that, you ask?  Well, it is where machines and pads are hooked on you and the effect after you are done with the treatment is like that of doing 600 sits ups. I can see your face right now.  You are wondering what all this is about.

I used to tell my friends I am going for “ironing”.  The ironing actually entails someone practically doing exactly that to your stomach as you lie down and read a book or surf the net. It is called fat cavitation.  All this is a pain free process that works through some magic. It enhances body shaping and removes fat from stubborn areas- at least that is what my therapist keeps telling me.

Does it work? YES!!!! The life of The Kardasians has finally arrived in Kenya.  It is expensive but you actually do lose inches in your stubborn areas.

The interesting thing about going to the therapy spa is that the ladies who frequent here behave like the hiding.  You do not want to meet with anyone on the corridors.  It is your little secret.  There was one time when I waiting at the reception and I overheard two ladies, who had bumped into each other, talking.  The conversation went like this:

Lady 1: Hey! You come here?

Lady 2: What are you doing here?

Lady 1: Nothing. You?

Lady 2: Nothing. Was just checking around.

Really? I laughed silently. Ladies never want to reveal the “secret” to weight loss.  Question remains, is there really a secret to weight loss?

Laser Liposuction treatment

What is the moral of the story?  Weight loss can and is an expensive affair and many go through different means to achieve the ideal body.  I mostly wanted shortcuts and quick results but soon found out that these are not permanent and make a huge dent in my pocket.

Would I go through my wild and wacky electrolysis again??? Most definitely!!! It works… Duh…

Yes, I am crazy…..

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