How To Increase your Productivity [Part 5: The “Hero Mode” Secret]

Tell me something… Does this describe your day?

➖You wake up and get ready for work.

➖ You’re in traffic for 1 and a half hours.

➖ You get to work and it’s time for your first meeting.

➖ You then deal with ‘fires’ all through the day.

➖ You have to attend to your emails. Oooops!!! It’s lunchtime 🍔🍔
*More fires…
*More emails…
*More disruptions…

Before you know it, it’s 5.30pm and it’s time to go home.
Oh no…. not another 2 hours in traffic….🚙🚗🚙🚗

➖ You get home too tired to do anything else and wonder what you’ve actually accomplished the whole day….😣😖😫😩

Guess what, you are living your life managing your time not your energy!!!

Here’s How To Tune into Hero Mode to Increase Your Productivity

I want to introduce you to what I call **HERO MODE**

This is simply working out your daily energy rhythm, then lining up your hardest tasks with your energetic PEAKS and take breaks during the TROUGHS.

Apply it as follows:

🎯 Know exactly when you are most energetic and least energetic during the day. Ensure you do not waste that time especially doing energy zapping activities like being stuck in traffic.

🎯 Place your highest value, hardest and most important tasks at peak energy times.

🎯 Put your easy/mindless tasks at your lowest energy times. Like attending to your emails.

🎯 Work out optimal food timing so you don’t eat heavy food during or just before your peak, because comfort food slows you down

🎯 Adjust your sleep schedule so that you are resting during dead times.

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