4 Ways to Recover From the Long Easter Weekend

Hey, hey everyone!!! Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend.

This was a different one for me, as I stayed mostly indoors. I had the occasional treat meal but stayed active through the weekend and was mindful of what I put in my mouth unlike other holidays.

I guess once bitten, twice shy.

It’s okay to go off track occasionally, because we are human and we need a break once in a while. I know many of you are in the that situation.

Let me share 4 Tips to Help You Recover from the Easter Weekend Binge

👉🏽 Zero Carbs at Breakfast

Zero carbs, because your body will be busy trying to burn off all the extra carbs from the weekend, before it even begins to get to the ones from the weekend’s over-indulgence.

Instead, go for a protein-rich breakfast, with eggs, avocado or lean meat. Fill up on veggies along with the protein on your plate.

👉🏽 Raw veggies

Your sugar levels spiked when you tucked into that second bar of chocolate in front of Emily in Paris this weekend, so you need high fibre veggies to level out the spike and slow down the sugar absorption. Red cabbage and peppers are perfect.

👉🏽 Coconut water

Keep hydrated with water and coconut water, if possible until your urine is clear again. Your body needs water and potassium to flush out all the extra sodium in your system.

👉🏽 Exercise

A bit of exercise will make you feel better, and although it’s the very last thing you’re going to feel like doing this morning, it’ll get your body moving to flush out all those toxins. Just a brisk twenty-minute run or workout will do it.

👉🏽 Eat extra fibre all day long.

This will get your digestion back on track in no time. Think fruits like apples, berries and oranges. Or veggies like cauliflower, broccoli and sweet potato.

Grains and cereal like brown rice, rye bread, oats and lentils will also be great for your body.

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